It has taken some time, but finally we have begun to settle here in Astana. Take a full tour of our new home!

Main Hallway Looking at Entry Door, shoes off here!

Hallway Closet #1 From Entry Door

Hallway Closet #1 Opened, it's big

Hallway Closet #2 Next To Entry Door

Hallway Closet #2 Opened

1st Stop: Joker Bathroom/Utility Room From Toilet

Joker Bathroom/Utility Room From Doorway, sorry about the amount of knickers in this photo...

Joker Bathroom/Utility Room Towards Windows

View From 1st Joker Bathroom/Utility Room

2nd Stop: Kitchen From Doorway, the water cooler in the corner is our drinking water as tap water is off limits here...

Kitchen From the Balcony

Kitchen Balcony

View From Kitchen Balcony: Day, the Gotham-like structure is the "Triumph" Apartment building, modeled on the "Seven-sisters" Building in Russia...

View From Kitchen Balcony: Night, looking toward the "New downtown"

Hallway (Kitchen Doorway to the Left)

Sitting/Dining Room From Doorway

Sitting/Dining Room From Dining Table

Sitting/Dining Room From Windows

Sitting/Dining Room From 2nd Sofa, notice the massive dinning table for 8 that is not even currently extended...this is hopefully going...

Sitting/Dining Room Lights

View From Sitting/Dining Room: Day, similar to the kitchen, the construction site is a school.

View From Sitting/Dining Room: Night

More to come… Up next: My studio space!