From the Sitting Room to the Studio (my favorite bit)!

Studio/Office From the Doorway, not much to look at now, but this will change soon...

Studio/Office From the Balcony

Studio/Office Balcony

Office/Studio Lights! or Close Encounters of the 3rd-Kind..., notice the colour change...

View From Studio/Office: Day, you can almost see our resident wild(?) herbal-remedy growing in the grass below...

View From Studio/Office: Night

Blue Bathroom From Doorway, Flower power!

Blue Bathroom From Bath

End of Hallway (Master Bedroom off-screen left and Blue Bathroom left)

Spare Bedroom From Doorway, notice the heart-shaped light design...

Spare Bedroom From Windows

View #1 From Spare Bedroom: Day (This is the second time this school here has fallen down apparently...)

View #2 From Spare Bedroom: Day

View #1 From Spare Bedroom: Night

View #2 From Spare Bedroom: Night

Master Bedroom From Doorway

Master Bedroom From Walk-In Closet (Finally! Real Closets! Forget Narnia!)

Walk-In Closet

Master Bedroom From Windows

Ensuite Bathroom From Master Bedroom

Ensuite Bathroom From Corner Tub

Master Bedroom Lights! Yes, we sleep in a Central Asian Flower Bordello...

Dead Light Bulbs... We have 138 lights in total and loose times!